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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

ScienceDaily News Release: Commonly-Held Belief Contributes To Rejection Of Lung Cancer Surgery“This belief is very prevalent, especially among African-Americans, and it may be used by many to avoid recommended surgical intervention,” noted Mitchell L. Margolis, MD, director of the pulmonary clinic at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center and lead author of the study. “Our findings may be helpful in suggesting appropriate action by physicians to address this belief,” he added.

Lung cancer is more prevalent and deadly in the African American community than among Caucasians, and data indicate that much of the difference in survival rates can be attributed to differences in the treatment of early-stage disease.

Should I tell them it's not only lung cancer? I've heard all my life that "once they opened him up the cancer spread like crazy" or words to that effect. Never considering that perhaps it was too late when the surgeon got to it? That perhaps early preventative measures like diet and regular doctor visits might have headed the problem off?

To be fair, it hasn't been until recent times - say the last 30 years - when blacks have had access to reliable, preventative medical care on a large scale.

So why do I keep on hearing the same old stories?

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