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Tuesday, February 03, 2004 - Great American Double Whammy - Jimmy Breslin: "I can't remember hearing anybody in Brooklyn complaining about the pay at McDonald's. We train our poor to take what they get and smile to show their appreciation.

And McDonald's has such virtue that it has a lofty place in America. It is good because it is good. Why, the other day, the late Mrs. Joan Kroc left in her will the sum of One Billion, Five Hundred Million - $1,500,000,000 - to the Salvation Army. How marvelous! And how can you disturb her memory, and the graciousness of this act, by saying that the money came off the backs of young blacks like Timothy Stansbury?

The usual McDonald's store is a franchise, and there are individual owners, but all I know is that each store pays $5.15 an hour and has 'McDonald's' on the store, and it is this way all over the country, and it is a monstrous scandal. McDonald's is Un-American activity."

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