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Thursday, March 04, 2004


ADD - The Weblog of Alan David Doane - "A Cornerstone of the Comics Blogosphere.": "Alan Moore -- When the man I consider the best writer ever to work in comics took over eight minutes to thoughtfully answer my first question (and, apparently psychic, the subsequent three or four questions as well), I knew this was going to be longer than the average 5Q interview, and almost certainly involve more than five questions. So be it, format be damned -- Alan Moore recreated comics in the 1980s, quite by accident, as you'll learn here, and has ever since been known for comics much more intelligently and passionately created than the vast majority of their contemporaries on the stands. It was a huge honour and a genuine thrill for me to speak to Mr. Moore, and I owe a huge debt of thanks not only to Alan himself but to the man who arranged it for me, Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions, not coincidentally the publisher of many fine Moore works, including his transcendent prose novel Voice of the Fire. Special thanks also to Chris Hunter of Broken Frontier for his excellent and expedient transcribing of the interview, and to Ed Cunard of Comic World News for help in creating the logo for this and other ADD Blog features. "

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