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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Gay Witchhunt - Christopher Priest

"The concern that gays are a threat to the family structure misses the point that gay people have been getting married for only a few years while straight people have been getting married for millennia. If the institution of  marriage is screwed up, straights are the ones who screwed it up, not gays. The real threat to the family is our new fast-food, Persian bazaar morality. People get married and treat it like they're "going steady" in high school, divorcing when the sex is no longer good or when their spouse is no longer appealing to them; when the rigors of actual married life kick in, obfuscating the dazzle of falling in love. Our lack of commitment is the bigger threat to the family. Our immorality. Our infidelity. Our impatience and, yes, our immaturity— these are all far greater threats to the family and to the institution of marriage than gays with an unenforceable (but hugely symbolic) marriage certificate.

But I never see any uproar about our lack of commitment. I never see any marches about our infidelity. A constitutional amendment banning divorce would be laughed out of Congress. Things that would actually shore up the family unit, things that actually would protect our values and our future, we do nothing about. Things we actually should be upset about, that we actually should be speaking out about, we remain silent on. But here we show our cowardice and hypocrisy by criminalizing people who want only what we ourselves have not only taken for granted, but have diminished and devalued: family.

The hypocrisy of it all is just wholly offensive, and the fact that so many of us, black white or green, have jumped on this particular bandwagon distresses me to no end because it proves how easily our emotions are manipulated, and how immature we are as Christians. Our job is to proclaim truth. Not force truth. Not point guns at people and make them follow Christ."

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