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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts: "Cheney used a misleading figure to support the idea that the administration was 'deeply concerned' about the toll that AIDS has taken on poor countries, stating that the administration has 'proposed and gotten through the Congress authorization for $15 billion to help in the international effort.' That's true, but the $15-billion figure was to be spread over five years -- and when it came to asking for money to be actually appropriated and spent Bush sought only $2 billion for the fiscal year that just ended. Congress increased that to $2.4 billion.

Cheney and Edwards both made misleading statements about each other's education records, specifically on the No Child Left Behind law. Cheney claimed 'they were for it; now they're against it.' But while Kerry has criticized the law as being underfunded and called for some changes he has not called for the law's repeal. Edwards claimed 'they said they were going to fund their No Child Left Behind; $27 billion short today.' In fact, overall federal funding for education grew 58% in Bush's first three years, though many governors and congressional Democrats say even more is required."

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