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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Experts call for sex education to curb AIDS: "Considering that 7.4 per cent of HIV carriers in China are below 19 years of age, Wang Zhenyu, a professor from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said parents should give their children a diaper-to-dating sex education rather than dodging the topic.

Current sex education in China focuses on physiological changes but ignores safe sex, said Wang.

Basic knowledge on contraception and self-protection from sexual abuse is seldom taught to children by their parents and even schools.

So, a lot of young people get access to the so-called knowledge from some sources which contain pornographic information.

The age of adolescence among Chinese youth today is one year younger than that in the 1980s, said Jin. But the education usually starts in high schools, later than it should.

The last 10 years have witnessed great changes in notions about sex, including an increasing number of pre-marital pregnancies and abortions, according to the National Population and Development Report issued in September."

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