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Monday, March 06, 2006


Editorials - Patterson serves region well as a human lightning rod

You have been sent the following article from Barry as a courtesy of The Detroit News.

"Editorials - Patterson serves region well as a human lightning rod"

To view this article on The Detroit News Web site, go to:

The following is a short message from Barry:

"His battles with Detroit began with former Mayor Coleman Young, about whom Patterson has mixed recollections.

'His preoccupation with righting (racial) wrongs kept him from some important issues of economic development,' Patterson recalls. But he says 'Coleman's death left a huge leadership void. That council has a cast of characters eating their young, and they're damaging the city and the region.'

Patterson also says Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is beginning to repair the damage.

'He's got untapped potential, and I think he's a different mayor today after he almost lost the election,' Patterson told me. 'Kwame's star is on the ascendancy and someday, he may be recognized as the heir apparent to the rule of Coleman the first.'"

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